Crazy Over Goo


Fifty levels of sticky fun


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Crazy Over Goo is a very fun platformer where you have to get a sticky bouncy ball to move from one part of the screen to another.

To do this the only thing you can use is the mouse, bouncing the ball and calculating the force and direction of the bounce. Of course this doesn't mean it's all bouncing with no rhyme nor reason...

Along the way you’ll find a wide variety of different obstacles blocking your path. For example, you’ll have to deal with different gravities that make your ball fly out of control from one side to the other, or come across different surfaces where your ball sticks to the orange ones while bouncing off the blue ones.

Other more obvious hazards include spike bombs that kill you if you touch them. Dodge these on almost every level using either the surfaces you stick to or the ones you bounce off of.

Crazy Over Goo is a very fun platformer that offers 50 levels full of frenetic action. If you have half an hour to spare (or a little longer) check this game out. You won’t regret it!
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